Committed to people all over the world having access to a simple and revolutionary workout program. Imagine a planet where everyone has a renewed sense of health and well-being. For new viewers: 5 Second Body is a fitness program based on the psychology of mini habits. Five seconds compounded daily add up to minutes and lead you to a powerful hour-long workout. The exercises build by difficulty and lengths. Since they start off with minimal requirements, you get rid of brain resistance and demolish procrastination. Different muscle groups are focused on, including abs, shoulders, triceps, biceps, forearms, full body workouts and HIIT workouts. All exercises can be done from home, which makes the program easy to follow during the COVID-19 pandemic. It's also an excellent option for busy people and those who don't have access to a gym.


Top Exercises

Check out the 2 Minute Ab Challenge by 5 S Body. Personal Trainer: MJ Gordon 1st Exercise: Squats with dumbbell chest press 2nd Exercise: Knee Cross Crunch 3rd Exercise: Toe Touches This is a two minute ab exercise, but why work the abs in the first place? Other than the look of six pack abs, working out your abdominals can help you get an improved posture and can even help with lower back pain as you will routinely start using your abs rather than over using your lower back for support. Working out your abs can even lead to better balance, stronger stability and improved sports performance. For more on this, this article by Harvard Health is quite insightful:

Check out the plank-add ons video for ideas on how to amplify the benefits of your planks. Make them more chellenging, workout numerous areas of your abdominals. Fitness Trainer: MJ Gordon Take your plank up a notch, add these one minute plank variations at the end of your workout today and notice the difference! Planks are a great workout for your back, shoulders and of course abs (abdominals)! Extra Detail: How can your brain resist a one minute workout? That's exactly the point. Five seconds compounded daily can transform your life. These habits are too small for your brain to resist, too small to fail.

Want a dual-exercise workout. Try adding dumbbell rows to your Romanian deadlifts. This is an excellent way to get more out of your workout. Fitness Trainer: MJ Gordon Day 8 - 45 second Romanian Deadlift with dumbbell rows. This powerful whole-body exercise activates numerous lower body and upper body muscles, including but not limited to abdominals, shoulders, forearms, deltoids, triceps, hamstrings and glutes. Only 45 seconds (can be multiplied for 3 sets). This simple workout can be performed at-home or at the gym.